Even with 6 years ago, Faisal. H.-J. Scarce a separate exhibition at the monastery of St. Henry kindergarten to Bamberg, he was a national and international repeated and with the exhibition with 28 years in the "NEW RESIDENCE BAMBERGER" crowned.

From childhood on he is interested in the company of his father, "Squire - new for woodworking" for technical and commercial processes and their organization.

As a teenager, he in the company of his father, a separate grinding and works with technical developments of high-performance & high-speed saws, as well as adjustable high-performance tool for window and building elements of wood. While he was for his father was working, he completed with the help of his father's business, technical knowledge, with their trials or Examinas. This was a very early practical and theoretical knowledge base. This was by implements his knowledge "I know I do not know" and his youthful ambition, very quickly expanded and he was "young".

Diverse experience it gathers in Bulgaria recently as airport managers, as well as other organizations, building management and leadership activities in Spain, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, in general the Far East, North Africa, USA and KSA.

For a large international group, he headed several brick factories in Nigeria on.

In the U.S. (where he studied, among other things further and begins to develop DIMANOS ®) is a Consultant & Troublshooter operate from where he was invited to Saudi Arabia. In KSA, he has been managing director for environmental, technical and construction management, top management and organizational consulting, and in turn for troubleshooting major international companies operate.

His work in the senior management of major international corporations makes him rethink. There, where many want to go, he is already arrived at a young age - there are now other laws. This can be explained by his conscience does not agree more.

He returns back to Germany and founded in 1987 with his brother the U. Knappe FHJKdesign Ltd.

His thirst for knowledge is insatiable still - he always works within the shortest possible time for him previously unknown areas - always with the goal in mind, facts in no case be complicated, but the simplicity, that is, a common denominator within a complexity to search . In 2002 he founded with his wife Bohley the FHJKgroup Ltd.

Always ahead of his time, he is accustomed to be laughed at.

His life motto of "Real Power Is Invisible" helps him watch out and yet it is precisely why, or continue to be creative and not to abandon the hope that it just at the present time, at least a few understand.

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