Faisal H.-J. Knappe and his Philosophy

My quest for wisdom (philosophy) is to the mind and body orientation and safety (Values & Goals) in all the practical implications and provide the ability to usefully conceptual classification and sensitivity in the opposite favor. This means:

Recognize and understand yourself, before you can judge others!

So you need to know that I have everything with passion and idealism of the applicant, I do not dispute-averse, especially not the one with himself I appreciate the value of truth is very high, that is fair but Unsparingly with themselves and others go into court, as far as I am for people who do not know and for a gentle soul have provided me cruel and hurtful appear. But Mir Faisal Islamic name (THE GOOD & BAD WITH THE SWORD SHARES) in JETTA (KSA) has introduced.

In a partnership, business or pleasure, are values such as loyalty, sacrifice, support willingness, honesty and dedication of course. Here is the motto of "all or nothing". These values also fall me no compromises.

This unconditional loyalty and devotion he asks reversed also by its partners. With uncertainties in the partnership could be a question in response to points lead
that is, the reaction corresponds to that of a volcano, it is silent long and who knows when it erupts. If but once he breaks out, you should avoid the vicinity.

This also shows my life motto:

Real power is invisible!

If you read Cicero or Caesar, this award again become apparent. This applies to physical and mental power. This award was established by my education, especially from my father and his father supported. This conservative character education goals and the values associated with early implementation.
Through education were comparisons with the military life is very often used, which is why one of my books for the management, "THE ART OF WAR".

The t.w. Life is like saying the unshocks of their own intellect to the non-logical and not future-oriented thinking of the society and economy, so that my intellect every life situation and economic sovereignty to the interview process.

The parents (including grandparents), the education and the environment was very early in the feeling that I can find its way and must be justified, which means you build models with values + + + philosophers of knowledge self-knowledge + experience their own wisdom to build. Training in Bamberg (Franconia) was too much of that time built on Christian values. Even in the convent kindergarten was the artistic promoted, so that already in the 6th Age of an art exhibition held in the convent kindergarten.

Through the artistic, craft, technical and commercial training has its own way of life coupled with the knowledge open to innovations.

Through the wisdom of my father and follow his council, was training in the commercial, technical and organizational.

This area plus the possibility of the practical connection with the advantage of artistic Innovation was necessary for life and the emphasis on the implementation of the results of philosophical reflection in their own practices. The correct way to live everyday life and the shape will hereafter form a deeper and rehearsed it evolving thinking ahead. And conversely, it is the pairing of philosophical thought necessary, that it is in the way of life reflects recognizable.

The unity of theory and practice, but also in the eastern philosophy stresses.

Quotes by my philosophy stress & reflect  and thus accompany me and support:

The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary value. Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Weeds grow in two months, a red rose that needs a whole year. Celaleddin Mevlana Rumi (1207-1273) I know I am not (s) know!Socrates ((469-399) (handed down by Plato)) We must use time as a tool not as a couch!John F. Kennedy (1917-1963 The mind can tell us what we fail to do here!
But the heart can tell us what we need to do!
Joseph Joubert (1754-1824) They have lost the mind, if you no longer hopes for another to find what! FRANCOIS VI. de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680) Humility is nothing more than a comparison of its value with the moral perfectionImmanuel Kant (1724-1804) A mistake by lying to conceal words, a place through a hole to replace!Aristotle (384-322) With the truth gets you thinking and memory performance and capacity,
because every lie calls to hedge at least 10 more lies!
Karl-Heinz Knappe (1920-1977) Fame and wealth without intelligence are an insecure possession!Demokritt (ca. 460-371) The mind and the ability to use it, are two skills!Franz Grillpazer (1791-1872) The mind creates the truth, but he finds them before!Aurelius Augustinus (ca.354-430) Blame is easy, why so many try it!
Lobe with intelligence is difficult, that's why so few are doing it!
Anselm Feuerbach (1829-1880) Natural mind almost every level of education replace,
but no formation of natural mind
Schobenhauer Arthur (1788-1860) Most taught until the loss on the value of things.Arthur Schopenhauer, (1788 - 1860) Fear is the mother of caution!Faisal H.-J. Knappe (1951 -?) I am the sword, I am the flame.Heinrich Heine, (1797 - 1856) Do not you wear the root, but the root bears you. SOURCE: Romans 11.17-24